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Ian Somerhalder at Coachella 2014 #Week 2

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You Okay?  Yeah.  I’m Okay.  I Know.  How?  Cause I’m Okay Too.

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Lauren is so perfect! 💞

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Lauren Cohan, right now, at Fan Expo Vancouver.

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Disney Families by Grodansnagel

I can’t function

Bruh omg

That’s cute

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The Walking Dead - siblings

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"Give us life again"

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TWD PicspamMaggie Greene (Season 4) 
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Lauren Cohan on Hollywood Game Night (April 17th 2014) 

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Favourite TWD Character Meme: one character

Carol Peletier

"Her mindset is adapting. This is really survival, it’s not like, ‘I can flee when he’s drunk and asleep and I can get out of here, I can go to a shelter.’ This is — there’s nowhere to go. It’s a whole different thing and she really is finding [out] what she’s made of because of this world that’s forcing her to really pull out all the stops and wake up all the sleeping parts of herself or the diminished parts of herself." - Melissa McBride (x)

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